“3 Biggest Mistakes you’re making in your lash business” 

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Are you a lash artist struggling to make ends meet? 

  • Not sure where to go from here?
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We will reveal the 3 biggest mistakes you’re making, and why your business is not thriving. (Hint: It’s not because your work isn’t good enough!)


We will talk about:

 3 Biggest mistakes

 How to fix them

 How to maintain your new norm

 What to get rid of if you want a successful business

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“The 3 biggest mistakes you’re making in your lash business free course is SO helpful. I can’t believe this class is free!! Amanda’s mindset and teaching style really shines through in this course. She breaks things down so they are easy to understand and apply to your daily routines. I completed the class yesterday and have already started to make changes within my business. 10/10 recommend!”


“I am so thankful for Amanda putting out this amazing free class! If you are budgeting to take a course, this is a perfect stepping stone to set you in the right direction. I hate a notepad full of notes and changes I am ready to make! Amanda does not beat around the bush or gatekeep information. I cannot wait for her signature course!!!”


“This class completely changed my outlook on my business. Amanda explains things in a way that just clicks in my brain. She is so knowledgeable and she is exactly where I want to be! I will be taking all her courses in the future after hearing her teach. What a game changer.”


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